“Book of the Month” July 2020

“Courage on the Journey of Happiness

Anita Freimann

Courage on the Journey of Happiness – 12 Challenges of Leaving the Comfort Zone and Creating a Happy Life

Anita Freimann reminds readers of her book “Courage on the Journey of Happiness” that happiness is not a destination, but a state of mind.

Happiness is the goal of all people – whether they openly state it or not. Nobody wants to live a life full of misery and sadness. But people often do not understand happiness properly and chase after something that doesn’t lead to happiness at all. Happiness is a state of mind and a life long journey. Happiness lies outside people’s comfort zone, because most people are never questioning their thoughts, words and deeds, pretending that they have no power over the quality and course of their life. They often think that happiness comes from other people, things, jobs, and other outside factors. The truth, however, is that happiness is everyone’s own responsibility. In this book, the author tells her own story and life’s experience to show readers that it is possible to live happily, satisfied and in the present moment.

Then, readers of “Courage on the Journey of Happiness” by Anita Freimann will be encouraged to create their own happy life. The 12 challenges in this book will engage the mind, spirit and body of all readers. They will be guided to rethink their own life, think about where they are headed and how they truly wish to live. The mini-challenges will help them face their fears and widen their horizons, thus preparing them to leave the comfort zone, within which they have been living their usual daily life walking along well known, familiar paths. Every page will make readers think and question everything they have learned so far. The interactive characteristic of this book is reflected in over 200 inspiring sources (easily accessible by QR codes). This self-help book is a real page-turner which will motivate readers to keep it at hand at all times and make it their active companion on their road of happiness.

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