“Book of the Month” July 2017

Vision and Learning

Heike Schuhmacher M.D.

Vision and Learning – Advice on Optometric Vision Therapy

Heike Schuhmacher M.D. provides an accessible framework for parents, educators, and therapists with her new book “Vision and Learning”.

Even children with average intelligence and perfect eyesight sometimes struggle with reading and writing, which makes it impossible for them to keep up in school. Few people  would suspect this may be due to an undetected problem with the child’s vision and information processing. These problems cannot be diagnosed with a normal vision test. Children who suffer from this condition experience difficulty focusing. They can only process information slowly because their brain is unable to properly make sense of visual or auditory perceptions. This new book helps parents, educators, and therapists understand the underlying causes of this condition and help their children and/or students overcome the problem.

“Vision and Learning” by Heike Schuhmacher M.D. familiarizes readers not only with Optometric Vision Therapy, but also with the functionality of the brain and why vision and learning are more connected than most people are aware of. It explores the neurophysiological processes underlying our visual and auditory functions, and explains terms like ”visual information processing” and “auditory information processing” in accessible  language.

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