The Near One

“Book of the Month” January 2020

“The Near One”

Hanadi A. Luethi

The Near OneThe Near One – Inspirational life and love story

Destiny takes Hanadi A. Luethi’s protagonist from one place to the other while she discovers the secrets of life.

Dania lives in Egypt with her wealthy muslim family and grows up attending a French nun school. At the beginning of the story, the readers get to know her as a young, charming and brilliant girl. However, she doesn’t yet know that she is born to fulfil a certain purpose in life. The world around her seems to be harmonious, but while Dania tries to master perfection, life speaks to her in contradictions and she recognizes the darker sides of humanity. She constantly asks herself about her role in the world. Dania has some remarkable talents, but what will happen when her own dreams stop matching what the world around her expects from her?

The readers follow Dania’s journey throughout “The Near One” by Hanadi A. Luethi and observe how she falls and rises, how she cries and smiles, how she gets challenged and how she overcomes challenges. She confronts traditions and old beliefs to find her own path, but then she receives stabs of betrayal from someone she thought she knew well. Will she be able to recover again? Dania travels from place to place, e.g. to Kenya. Everywhere, she looks for the secrets of true life and of her own existence. What she finds, will not only keep readers glued to the page, but also inspire them and make them reflect about their own life.

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