“Book of the Month” January 2019

“Tiger Salamanders

James Hamilton

Tiger Salamanders – Introduction to a fascinating animal

In „Tiger Salamanders“, author Jens Benthien teaches interested beginners to keep and breed these unusual animals.

Tiger Salamanders are not your usual pet. They aren’t what the general public would describe as cute, and keeping and possibly evenbreeding them requires detailed knowledge of their specific needs. In his new book, Jens Benthien introduces the interested beginner to the world of keeping and breeding these fascinating animals in a terrarium. He also provides useful suggestions for the more advanced terrarium keeper. While tiger salamanders are well suited to the beginner in keeping amphibians, the species is also of interest to the more advanced enthusiast.

Readers of “Tiger Salamanders” by Jens Benthien will learn more about the genus, the distribution, and the ecology of tigersalamanders in the wild. The author details how to house these animals according to their biological needs, how to properly feed and care for them, and what is required to propagate representatives of the North American tiger salamanders of the genus Ambystoma. The book’s explanations are complemented by approximately 80 color photographs.

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