“Book of the Month” January 2018

The Last of the Romans” 

Roy Harel

The Last of the Romans“The Last of the Romans” – Exciting historical fiction about Roman history

Roy Harel follows the life of general and statesman Flavius Belisarius in his new book “The Last of the Romans”.

Flavius Belisarius might not be a name known to many people. However, the story of the general and statesman whose perseverance earned him his position is a captivating one. The historical novel follows this fascinating man through his struggles to become a successful Roman general. He fights against formidable foes and great odds  and manages to win battle after battle, many of which were considered lost causes. Thus, he not only wins glory but also the respect of notable Romans. His victories become stepping stones that lead to the reconquest of the fallen Western Roman Empire.

History fans and readers who love engaging novels will enjoy “The Last of the Romans” by Roy Harel. This biography in the shape of a historical novel captivates the reader’s imagination, bringing to life a lesser known part of Roman history. For a few hours, they are taken back in time to share in a spectacular adventure.

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