“Book of the Month” January 2017


Magnus A. Torell

power-vs-paralyzationPOWER VS. PARALYZATION – Exciting non-fiction book on how to overcome the feeling of helplessness

Magnus A. Torell shows the readers of “POWER VS. PARALYZATION” that everyone can make a difference in this world.

Climate change, wars, pollution, millions of starving children, people without a home, and plenty of other problems make people wonder how much one person can do to make the world a better place – or at least reduce some of the suffering and negativity. People no longer know what is healthy for them any longer as there is so much contradicting information: it is hard to know which sources you can still trust these days – and which sources publish information they’ve been paid to publish. Magnus A. Torell understands how easy it can be for people to resign in the face of such problems – but he also knows that every single person can make a difference if given the right information – and giving people the right information is the aim of his book.

The exciting and insightful analysis of psychological and social backgrounds in “POWER VS. PARALYZATION” by Magnus A. Torell allows us to better understand our situation and introduces us to concrete steps we can take to free ourselves of the feeling of powerlessness. By investigating the background of our problems we become more confident about adding our voice to discussions about the issues the world faces.

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