“Book of the Month” February 2021

“Leading with empathy”

Lilli Höch-Corona

Leading with empathy – Resourceful workbook for leaders who want to achieve more

Readers of Lilli Höch-Corona’s “Leading with empathy” learn how they can use emotions to make their workplace a better and more productive place for everyone.

Everybody is talking about how important it is to talk about your emotions. This could also play an important part in the economy of the future. Empathy in the work place can promote corporate culture, create new opportunities and retain employees. But how is this possible? How can you give feelings a place without them taking up too much space, esp. at work? How can a leader work with groups in such a way that there is a clear structure while diversity is taken into account at the same time? How does a leader conduct professional discussions in a way that achieves lasting results for the company as well as the employees? This new book aims to answer these questions and introduces twelve ways of working with the so called Gefühlsmonster® cards (the original German version can roughly be translated as “emotional monster”). They can be used for communication with groups and teams, but also for self-management or as a tool for clarification and employee discussions. Each card comes with examples and clearly structured instructions for use.

The workbook “Leading with Feeling” by Lilli Höch-Corona is suitable for everyone who wants to become more successful in human resource management but also in self-management. The author has been a successful mediator, coach and trainer for more than 20 years. Her passion is to create an understanding between people. For this purpose, she developed the Gefühlsmonster® cards in 1996. Since then, a variety of methods have been developed around this instrument, which make talking about feelings both easier and more effective, even at work where emotions are usually hidden and ignored. The Gefühlsmonster® cards are available in stores or as an online app on the author’s homepage.


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