“Book of the Month” December 2020

“Success reloaded”

Masha Ibeschitz

Success reloaded – A career guide full of good advice for making conscious and lasting career decisions

Masha Ibeschitz teaches readers of “Success reloaded” how to harness the surprising power of authenticity to drive success.

Many people are not aware of what the true origin of success is and how they can use it to turn their own career into the career they always dreamed of. While there are countless business and career planning books that provide assistance to executives dealing with difficult tasks and conflict situations, not many of them answer the question what needs to be done when a major career leap is imminent. Most performance-oriented and exceptionally successful people always reach a point in their career where they need to take a huge step forward – and this can often be daunting. This new book is primarily intended for people who want to take this step, but also for those who have done so recently and are now discovering that many things are suddenly very different from what they had expected.

The book “Success reloaded” by Masha Ibeschitz is an invitation to reflect on the past, present and future of one’s own success. The goal is to make conscious and lasting career decisions the readers will not regret. In this book, readers will receive helpful models and useful, practical tools. The author supplies many thought-provoking suggestions and insights to help the readers determine their position and help them make consequential decisions for their future. They can choose what appeals to them in each of the book’s chapters. The content will allow them to identify connections and ultimately lead them to action. Readers will find numerous delightful stories and inspiring ideas.


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