“Book of the Month” December 2018

“This is Not Your Parent’s Retirement

James Hamilton

This is Not Your Parent’s RetirementThis is Not Your Parent’s Retirement – Advice for people who don’t want to be poor as a pensioner

James Hamilton shares his insights about financial wellbeing with readers of “This is Not Your Parent’s Retirement”.

Many people don’t look forward to their retirement because they feel like their financial future is anything but secure. More and more people worry about not being able to live a comfortable life once they stop working – and that is a realistic fear. However, financial wellbeing does not have to be an utopian dream if you know how to properly prepare for your retirement and make the right financial decisions. James Hamilton is committed to financial wellbeing and has uncovered options many financial advisors failed to pursue with clients.

He feels these strategies are too important to not present to clients for consideration. In his new book, he makes this information available for everyone who wants to look towards their retirement with optimism.In “This is Not Your Parent’s Retirement” by James Hamilton, readers learn more about the Biblical principles of money, which are designed to empower people by allowing their money to work optimally. He shares information on tactical, indexing, and tax-free strategies in a way that is easy to understand and realistic to apply. The book is a must read for people who want to win the race to a secure and comfortable retirement.

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