“Book of the Month” December 2017

“Reality, Relativity, Relationality” 

Marcel Strobel

"Reality, Relativity, Relationality" 

“Reality, Relativity, Relationality” – Self-help book on how happiness really works

Marcel Strobel teaches readers of “Reality, Relativity, Relationality” how to  achieve happiness no matter what life throws at them.

Happiness sometimes seems reserved for the privileged. Some people blame their unhappiness on their circumstances. They claim only specific, optimal conditions will allow them to be happy. Marcel Strobel completely destroys this theory and takes away all excuses to continue wallowing in self-made misery. He explains that happy people do not all come from the same social backgrounds: poor people can be happy, rich people can be unhappy. What really matters is what you do with the hand life has dealt you. Happiness requires willingness to be happy – and to work for it (especially on your own attitude).

“Reality, Relativity, Relationality” by Marcel Strobel is based on real life experiences, and does more than rely on vague, unhelpful statements like ‘let’s all be happy, you only have to believe in it’. The author offers real life hacks that can be used by everyone, no matter their current life quality. He opens up phenomenal opportunities for happiness for everyone, regardless of their circumstances. For example, instructions on how to shift their point of view introduced in this book show readers they don’t have to get upset or angry with anybody in their life. Readers’ quality of life can improve drastically by following just a few of the steps explained in this book.

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