A natural

“Book of the Month” August 2019

A Natural”

Nora McKinney

A naturalA Natural – a steamy and breathtaking love story

Adventure is the last thing Nora McKinney’s protagonist in “A Natural” expects, but then she is drawn into the life of someone with a dark side.

Stella wants to finally come to terms with all that’s happened in her recent past, especially the death of her husband. She really wants to reconcile herself with the way things are. But every time something happens, her first thought is to tell her husband Peter – and then she is overcome with grief once again. Stella is doing her best to keep her sanity and take care of her teenage son. Adventures are the last thing on her mind. But then, one day at a break during work, she meets John, a respectable British business man who has just arrived in Munich. They connect while discussing their favorite books. Soon, Stella learns that John wants to start a new life. He acts like a perfect gentleman, is intelligent and likes literature. But under the surface, there is a dark side he has repressed for a long time.

Stella and the readers of “A Natural” by Nora McKinney slowly get to know John and his darker side better. Stella is unwittingly sucked into his world of high stakes and lands in the middle of a perfect storm. The novel is a raunchy story of new beginnings just when you thought endings were all you could expect from life. It is a tale of love found through disillusionment, and of redefining what’s normal. And in the end, it is a story of how a woman overcomes her grief.

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