Why Are You Crying, Mama?

A Historical Romance Novel

Thang Za Dal

This is Jane's autobiographical novel. John, a black American, rescued Jane, a wealthy Belgian (her mother was a Flander and her father a Wallon), at the last moment from a fatal auto accident in 1926. They marry later and have a daughter named Jennifer. Jennifer disappears without a trace when she is eleven years old at the beginning of WWII. At that point Jane begins her search for the meaning of human existence on this earth, its possible existence in other forms beyond this world, the world's great mysteries, happiness, compassion, soul, consciousness, reincarnation, eternal life, and peace of mind, etc., through Christianity and Buddhism through discussions with a senior Buddhist monk from Ceylon (Sri Lanka). The monk is well-versed in various main Christian Churches' doctrines and leading Buddhist schools' different concepts. The timespan covers between 1926 and 1975.