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Thang Za Dal

Thang Za Dal was born in 1947 in Burma. He began his political activities against the successive military dictatorships in 1964. He and his wife sought political asylum in Germany in 1978, and they have got two daughters and four grandchildren. His wife passed away in 2015 from heart complications.

He has authored more than forty political and history papers on Burma during the last few decades. The following are among them.

- Grand Strategy for Burma/Myanmar (I - VIII)

- An Open Personal Supplication to the Present and Future Rulers of Burma/Myanmar (I - VII)

- Open Supplication to the Ethnic Burmans of Burma (I - VI)

- Open Appeal to Institutions and Individuals That May Have Stakes or Interest in One Way or Another in Burma (I - IV)

- Some Strategic Concepts for the Rebuilding of Burma/Myanmar (I - III)

- The Chin/Zo People of Bangladesh, Burma, and India: An Introduction