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This is the US English translation by Paul Knieser. Father Stephen Bachaalany published the original study in Arabic, in Lebanon.
Father Bachaalany was a Maronite Catholic priest. His life as a priest in his native lands gave him access to numerous people, many of them relatives. This fact, coupled with some of his special assignments, gave him access to documents and records which verified the historical facts that connected him, his relatives and neighbors, to their shared past.
Paul Knieser, a distant American relation of Father Bachaalany, has a background in education and history. Both men shared a great interest in their families' history. Their combined efforts, Father's research and Paul's translation into English, now provide an opportunity for hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people to meet some of their cultural heritage head on. Father Bachaalany's lifetime of research lays a near perfect base for genealogical construction of many family trees. The addition of research DNA research only adds to that base. Any modern day reader can find in these pages a great example of family research to be imitated. Any family can benefit from this approach.