When the PAST becomes the FUTURE

Life shows us the direction we must look in - what we see there, however, is up to us.

Rose M. Kuonen
Health, Family, Self-Help, Fiction

People have grown eccentric because they have distanced themselves from their inner core and, as they are no longer in touch with themselves, they can hardly hear the cries of the environment. Apocalyptic prophecies come to pass … It is as though we are not being punished for our sins but by them.

Counselor Lilian leaves Europe for the USA on a thrilling, adventurous search for her grown daughters.

Life after the catastrophe shows people the direction they needed to look in and in the crisis they discover a valuable opportunity. The Earth experiences a return to the past, but this time humankind responds in unity, harmony and respect, making their own future the best one possible – a place for exploring, learning, growing and truly loving.

The stories are life-like, exciting, based on true events and filled with valuable psychological principles as well as ancient life wisdom, offering support in everyday life, ethics and self-awareness.