"Regina Oberschelp de Meneses" - Autor bei Tredition.de

Regina Oberschelp de Meneses

Maria Ângela Azevedo Furtado-Brum lived on the island of Pico until age 14, and then moved to Faial to attend high school, after which she lived and studied in Canada. In 1979 she returned to the Azores to live and teach at schools and at the university in Ponta Delgada on São Miguel, while she co-authored various school books. In the late 1980s Maria Ângela Azevedo Furtado-Brum started collecting the traditional stories and legends of the nine Azorean islands, which were published as Açores, lendas e outras Histórias and Contos Tradicionais Açorianos.

Regina Oberschelp de Meneses was born in Germany, where she studied to be a teacher of German and English. She taught at Scottish schools and then American universities, where she earned her PhD. Regina Oberschelp de Meneses also taught at various public and private institutions in Germany and Portugal and, in 1991, moved to Terceira in the Azores, where she has been teaching at the university and various schools. She initiated student exchanges with German choirs and student exchanges with Germany and California, and the publication of the Azorean calendars (Edelsteine des Atlantiks) with photos by Paulo Henrique Silva.