Inside The War Room

Reflections on interpersonal effectiveness

Rebecca Blum
Health, Family, Self-Help, Business & Careers, Relationships & Sexuality, Biographies & Memoirs

Fulfilment is not in the other. It’s not even in the self. Fulfilment is, in fact, a battlefield. Inside the War Room takes a closer look at this battlefield and the various battles we face with others, and within ourselves. Fighting these battles every day is challenging, but once conquered, we can manage our emotions and behaviours, learn to live and love freely and find inner peace.
Inside the War Room reflects on how to close the gap between where our impact level is today and where we want to take it. It helps each of us in understanding what motivates and drives us, how to harness the power of the resourcefulness that’s within us and help us to implement a greater vision for our ambitions. By learning how to fight the day-to-day battles of the interpersonal, we can come to be happier, more successful and more fulfilled. We can learn who we are, what we need, and what we can give.
At once a memoir, a meditation and a treatise, Inside the War Room is a collection of reflections on interpersonal effectiveness that aims to enable the cultivation of a mentality around self-awareness, a sense of agency, self-motivation and social awareness.