My Art, My people

Assyrian Art

Paul Batou
Film, Arts & Culture

My Art, My people.
The first Assyrian art book published by a native Assyrian artist; My Art, My People is a collection of paintings spanning the last 25 years. My journey began while living under oppression in Iraq. The long five years I served in the army during Iraq-Iran war, the departure from my home land to the west, and the struggle we endured building a new live in the United States. My work is a reflection of my people, the sanctions against Iraq, the invasion of my homeland, and the daily attacks against the Christian minorities. They faced bombing of our churches, a century long diaspora, and most recently the invasion of the radical Islamic groups like Isis leading to the desecration of Ninveh and Khabour.
It’s hard to believe all these events happened over such a short period of time. This has not been a nightmare, rather a hard reality of oppression and terror for over a hundred years. We are from a land where the majority considers us infidels, which has justified the countless times our lands and homes have been stripped away. I narrate the genocide against my people using colors and a canvas. But I also illustrate our homeland Mesopotamia, our culture, and our love for peace and freedom.