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Paul Batou

Paul Batou, Mesopotamian artist, received a pharmaceutical degree from the University of Baghdad; however, art always remained his most enduring passion. Batou’s first art show took place in Baghdad in 1980. His career was on hold in 1982 after serving a mandatory five-year deployment as an Iraq Army medic during the Iran-Iraq war. After the war ended in 1988, Paul left Iraq with his family initially migrating to Athens as refugees, and eventually made his way to Los Angeles. In the United States, Paul Batou continued his passion of creating art and writing poetry. In 2007, he published his first book, “My Last Thoughts About Iraq”, which served as a personal reflection of war, sanctions, the fall of the great ancestral civilizations within Mesopotamia. His work has been featured in numerous publications and galleries across the world. This book, “My Art, My People”, is his contribution to all those who love art and humanity. Celebrate the colors of Mesopotamia