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Nina Leicht-Crist

Nina Leicht-Crist is a German native and has lived in North Carolina for more than a decade. She holds a baccalaureate degree in management studies from University of Maryland University College. Nina is the author of “Love, Faith and Infertility” an auto-biography that chronicles her decade-long struggle with infertility. When she isn't chasing her miracle boys, she enjoys watching Masterchef and travels with her husband and boys whenever it is possible.


A Story of Love, Faith and Infertility - A Review

„The tone is upbeat, but realistic – it doesn’t give false hope...“
Love, Faith and Infertility, a memoir by Nina Leicht-Crist, shares her love story with her husband, their journey to parenthood, and how she fell in love with another woman’s children. She made me laugh and cry and taught me much I had no way of knowing. At just over 100 pages, I was able to easily finish reading this book in a day. (...)

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Source: Kimberly Yavorski - When I Grow Up

Literate Getaway - Love, Faith and Infertility

„Although anyone can appreciate this book for the good storytelling, it would be a treasure for someone struggling to become a mother.“
Nina is a friend of mine online. That always makes it extra-special to review a book for a friend! She's German, yet I was amazed at her writing in this book. It was excellent, and showed glimpses of a different cultural background at the same time. The story is the heart of this book though. Nina tells her readers about how she met her husband, what it was like to become a stepmom and finally, about her journey into motherhood. As you can tell from the title, she suffered through bouts of infertility on that journey. I could not get over her raw determination, in spite of great emotional and monetary expense. Although anyone can appreciate this book for the good storytelling, it would be a treasure for someone struggling to become a mother.
Source: Traces of Faith - Traci Rhoades

Love, Faith and Infertility - A review by Lisa Leshaw

„It will buoy you and make you believe!“
Lisa Leshaw is a mental health professional specializing in adolescence, blended families and women's issues. She conducts parenting skills workshops, motivational seminars and empowerment circles for women throughout New York.

Her most recent focus has been to prepare a paper which she someday hopes to present to Congress on the need for accessible community mental health programming throughout the country.

She is immensely honored to have been asked to review Nina's new book 'A Story of Hope and Special Forces'. If there ever was the consummate book written to offer hope and encouragement coupled with insight and guidance to those facing infertility this is the must read!

Nina takes us all on her remarkable journey where we live and breathe her roller coaster ride filled with equal parts optimism and disappointment as she teaches us how to navigate the world of infertility and come out whole.

We feel her deep pain and frustration along with her desires and incredible faith as we follow each and every step of her Special Forces life. In the end we are left with an extraordinary education and insights that only a woman and her family who have walked this walk can know from inside out.

I highly recommend this uplifting story to anyone in need of a boost to their spirit while facing the uncertainty of infertility. It will buoy you and make you believe!
Source: Millions of Peaches Blog

A review by Erica Sutherland

„I walked away feeling like anything was possible!“
I was fortunate to have received a copy of Love, Faith and Infertility narrated and written by Nina Leicht-Crist. This is an uplifting memoir about the author's brave, yet long journey to conceive.

Reading it made me feel like I was watching a movie seeing the development of the author and her husband Gary's relationship. The book takes you from Germany in the 1990's all the way to present day in the United States.

Through failed reversed vasectomies, IVFs, sperm injections, embryo transfers and miscarriages, the author does an amazing job telling the reader to never give up, no matter what issue.

The author's constant positivity throughout the couple's 13-year infertility battle left me rooting for the end result, a baby! Leicht-Crist's memoir is told with vulnerability and clarity.

I walked away feeling like anything can be possible.
Source: Millions of Peaches Blog

Infertility - A Walk with Love and Faith - Encourage Your Spouse

„"Read this book because it will fill you with hope."“
Why reading “Love, Faith and Infertility” is important…

Many people will not experience a miscarriage, infertility, a military marriage, step-parenting and relocation to another country. And yet we encounter people every day who do. We might think we understand… but we don’t. We do not have a clue.

Read this book for them. And yourself.

Read this book so you can have a kernel of understanding and to try not to say something to shoot an arrow into their hearts. (Unintentionally, of course.)

• Maybe your daughter or daughter-in-love has experienced infertility and/or a miscarriage? You need a view into this grief, desire and fight for a child that is beyond what many can imagine. Nina’s story will give you insight and hope.

• Is there a friend who is longing for a child? Read it for her. And him.

• Do you know a military spouse? Read it for him or her.

• Do you know women going through medical procedures to get pregnant? In-Vitro Fertilizations, Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injections, frozen embryo transfers and all the other physical aspects of trying to become pregnant?

• Is someone you love grieving over a miscarriage. Read it for them.

• Think of all the step-parents you know – read this book for them and their children.

• Do you write to encourage? Then this book will open your heart in new ways.

• Are you in ministry? Or do you know a pastor who seeks to understand step-parents, those longing for a baby, military spouses, and parents grieving over a miscarriage? This book is for you all.
There are many reasons why this book will be a journey of discovery – of yourself and what you believe. You’ll probably cringe when you remember some of the phrases that have come out of your mouth. (Yeah. We’ll be together in that.)

What if you have experienced any of these life-altering experiences?

Why should you read this book?

Read this book because it will fill you with hope.
Source: Encourage Your Spouse - Lori Ferguson