Reality, Relativity, Relationality

The experience-oriented world view - About purpose, job and sense of life

Marcel Strobel
Religion & Spirituality, Philosophy, Business & Careers, Health, Family, Self-Help

The experience-related world view.
The ultimative life hack in the game of life.

Different people create completely different life qualities with the same preconditions. And turn equal situations into something totally different.
So apparently, it cannot be the circumstances that create the life quality. This opens phenomenal opportunities for everybody to be happy regardless of the life circumstances. This book shows you that we choose the evaluation of our perceptions and thus, about the quality of our lives. This is true liberty. The way out of the matrix.

The experience-related world view is the foundation for this.
This world view gives you the chance of never again having to get upset or angry with anybody in your life. It influences the way you treat yourself and others. And it influences your sensation of what the way others treat you does to you. It is not just a model to explain the world but it has massive influence on your life quality.