Lisa M. Hutchison
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An incredible life journey of a family before, during and after WWII in Germany. The joys, the heartaches, the inbelievable twists of fate will leave the reader breathless with anticipation.


stunning read


A daring rescue, a harrowing escape, the theft of Eva Braun’s boots, piloting Hitler, surviving the horrors of WWII, an unexpected reunion,
the tragic losses and new beginnings in a foreign country.
Follow the astounding, thrilling and breathtaking journey spanning close to 100 years of a German family.
A mesmerizing read that will not disappoint.



Book launch

Start: 09/21/2017, 2:00, PM o'clock
Location: Stratford General Hospital, Lobby  
Pre publication sales of "Iron Annie and a long journey" have been brisk. Most comments made ranged from "breathtaking, incredible, compelling" to "I could not put it down until it was finished".
It were these comments and others that were noticed by the local press and it was decided to have an official book launch in a venue never before used for such an event. I am very excited about this opportunity and look forward to more articles and photos to follow.
Stay tuned!

60 books sold in one hour

Start: 09/21/2017, 12:00, AM o'clock
Location: Stratford, Ontario, Canada  
Had my official book launch today, sold 60 books in one hour!
As well as a radio interview and a great review in the local newspaper!
Great day!!!



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small milestone!

Today I sold my 300th copy of Iron Annie and a long journey!

book of the week

Iron Annie and a long journey took the title "book of the week" at the local library

Boston Public Library


There have been many stories written over the years that delve into the lives of ordinary people living in the extraordinarily harsh and brutal times of war. Horrifyingly, these stories are still being lived today. Local author Lisa Hutchison has added to this body of literature with her recently published book 'Iron Annie and a long journey'.

The book details the lives of her parents Albert and Charlotte and their families starting in post-World War I Germany. Albert was a military-trained pilot who flew for Lufthansa and met Charlotte in her position as private secretary to the flight operations manager. Berlin was a glamorous, artistic city in the 1930's and Albert and Charlotte enjoyed building their lives and family there. This contentment was disrupted when Hitler came to power and Albert was hand-picked from Lufthansa to be part of Hitler's flying crew. In this position, Albert had contact with Hitler, Eva Braun and Hermann Goering while quietly, consistently resisting pressure to join the Nazi party.

What follows is a dizzying inside look at the lives of ordinary Germans in the midst of war. Focus on specific circumstances of Albert and Charlotte’s family is balanced with the big picture of the war in Europe. A significant portion of the book is written in dialogue, based on the author’s observations of how her parents communicated, with the result being a gripping, fast-moving read that doesn’t gloss over the hardships. - SAB

Iron Annie and a long journey

A true story of an average German family - reads like a thriller! Personal connections to Goering, Hitler and other high ranking officials. An improbable rescue of two Jewish girls and the even more improbable reunion decades later. The horrors of WWII and private tragedies and the all encompassing love of Albert and Charlotte and their families. A very compelling read.



Cannot put book down

„I just finished your book - incredible! Thanks for writing such a thoroughly engrossing story.“
These are a cross section of comments sent to me so far.
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