Sometimes feelings are monsters

Self management with feeling

Lilli Höch-Corona
Business & Careers, Education & Reference, Health, Family, Self-Help

How do you feel? How do you feel after talking to your child, your coworker, your doctor? What do you do when feelings arise that you would rather not experience?
We sometimes think it is more important to educate ourselves on a professional level than in being more ourselves and feeling safe in our inner experience.
In this book the creator of the Gefühlsmonster® cards pleads for more engagement with one’s own feelings, to put on the scientist’s hat, so to speak, exploring one’s own feelings. She shows that we can influence what we feel, that it is important to understand how our feelings work, and to have a toolbox ready for the challenging situations in our lives.
The goal is to make you a happier and more balanced person. It provides you with clear information about your feelings. Mrs. Höch-Corona takes you by the hand, helping you to understand more about your feelings and challenges. She tells you how to take a closer look at and transform problematic areas, like inner critics or limiting beliefs. The exercises for crisis situations and a collection of strengthening rituals you find in this book are easy to understand and will help you feel more secure within your own experience.