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Lilli Höch-Corona

Lilli Höch-Corona decided to pursue a second career after working as a math and PE high school teacher for 12 years. Further training in gender–diverse teaching and mediation awakened her enthusiasm for better understanding communication in all its facets. In 1995, she completed her mediation training and worked as a mediator and taught mediation training programs herself for 10 years.
While going through her own mediation training, an experience in a school project led to the creation of the Gefühlsmonsters® cards, drawn by her son Christian Corona. From the beginning she implemented these cards in her seminars and 1:1 work) and realized how much ease they brought to conversations about feelings. In 2005 she decided to offer the cards for sale.

While working with conflict management in organizations and teams she tested further applications of the Gefühlsmonsters. Simultaneously her passion for successful communication led her to expand her knowledge through specialized books on the subject of feelings and regular professional development.
What she had experienced as particularly helpful in team developments and coaching sessions led her to publish a blog in 2008, called ”Feelings for Everyday Life” at www.mediation-und-mehr.de, the forerunner of the Feelings Letter at www.gefuehlsmonster.de . In this book she summarizes the most important contributions from 12 years experience.
Now Mrs. Höch-Corona runs the Gefühlsmonster GmbH, where she and her staff bring more ease to the dealings with feelings.

In 2020 she founded the Gefühlsmonster Academy, where, together with instructors from various fields, she teaches participants how their work can benefit from the ease and even lightheartedness made possible by the Gefühlsmonsters.

Also in 2020 her first book ”Leading with emapthy – Better team meetings and conversations with Gefühlsmonster Cards” was published. With case studies and step-by-step instructions this book teaches managers to develop a company culture that involves everyone and exposes diversity in such a way that important contributions can be made and heard by all.
As an expert on feelings she guides executives to feel more confident with their own feelings and to feel strong and authentic in their interactions with their colleagues and teams.

If you have any questions or suggestions you can reach Lilli Höch-Corona at lhc@gefuehlsmonster.de