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Lilli Höch-Corona

Lilli Höch-Corona is an expert for successful interaction in companies, publisher of the
Gefühlsmonster® Cards and creative head of Gefühlsmonster GmbH, a family business based
in Berlin.
She advises companies that are redefining their corporate culture in the course of the current social transformation and would like to involve their employees in such a way that the company
stands on a sure footing when it comes to agility and home office.
As one of the first mediators (since 1995) and mediation instructors (since 2000) in Germany, she helped to develop the training standards in “Bundesverband Mediation e.V.” (Federal Association
Bundesverband Mediation e.V.) and led mediation training courses for over 10 years.

The usefulness of the Gefühlsmonster® Cards – designed and drawn by her son Christian Corona – during these trainings led to her decision to start selling the cards in 2005. Since then, her company has grown steadily and has developed other Gefühlsmonster products for easier communication. Today, the cards and products are used in many other countries besides Germany.

Her passion lies where understanding is achieved. Whether in a professional context, where valuable ideas do not get lost and potentials can be used, or in private life, where couples struggleto find a common path and/or want to support their children optimally.
Finding the words that express what you want to say and do in such a way that they reach the other side is an art that Lilli has perfected over many years. The Gefühlsmonsters can contribute
to this through their expressive visuals.

As a collector of helpful and easy-to-use tools on the topic of feelings, she writes a blog (in German) and gives lectures on how to deal with feelings.

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