The Vision behind Unconditional BasicIncome

A message to the government in ourselves and society

Joy Dakinisun
Research Works

The Vision behind Unconditional BasicIncome, an idea that already has history. It is a story picturing the vision behind the idea of all people receiving an unconditional monthly amount of money their whole life long to cover their basic needs. In this story a couple in love is in the role of the leader of the USA and implements UBI on their own wise way into life for all people. When we don't have a vision, we are continuing with short therm solutions within old believes. This book is feeling and imagining out of the box, bringing utopia into reality, asking new questions and working out fundamental new solutions. It is about Tara and Nevio, leaders, how life prepared them for the purpose of being President to integrate this financial floor into society for everyone. It describes their journey from vision, research, discussion, action to becoming reality and it describes an idea how to finance it with the help of the YangCoin, a cryptocurrency invented just for the payment of UBI to the people, decentralized, non-governmental.
The story combines imagination, real life experience, real facts and links so that the reader can realize how close we could be to this idea of receiving UBI and what amazing evolutionary fundamental change this impact-chain-reaction with UBI will start. With describing a possible vision we all can have a glimpse of the whole picture of change.
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