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Heike Schuhmacher M.D.

Heike Schuhmacher, MD, is a certified primary care and family physician, sub- specializing in pediatric developmental disorders. Her private practice offers children with learning, perceptual, and concentration disorders comprehen- sive diagnosis of underlying neurophysiological and neuropsychological brain functions and an extensive range of individual therapies with emphasis on Optometric Vision Therapy.
Dr. Schuhmacher holds a diploma as certified orthoptist from the German Ophthalmological Society. In her thesis for her medical doctorate at Ruprecht Karls University in Heidelberg she focused on diagnostics and therapy of visual perceptual disorders in children diagnosed with dyslexia. Her research on this subject was based on a four-year collaboration between Dr. Schuhmacher and Professor Kraus-Mackiw, neuro-ophthalmology department of the uni- versity eye hospital with Heidelberg elementary schools and the university’s child psychiatry hospital. Dr. Schuhmacher worked for many years as a consul- tant school physician before establishing her own private practice. She still advises educators on perceptual aspects of specific learning disabilities, consults on Individualized Education Programs (IEP), and develops both design and implementation of special classroom accommodations for children with perceptual disabilities. Through her lectures and seminars she contributes to the continuing education of educators, special needs teachers, therapists, pediatricians, child psychologists, and child psychiatrists.
Dr. Schuhmacher also specializes in developmental optometry and in 2010 was appointed Fellow of the American College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD), the first German physician to receive this honor.
More information about Dr. Schuhmacher and her practice can be found at: www.dr-schuhmacher.de and at the website for her book: www.fehlermussmansehen.de.