The secret faces of her

Hanadi A. Lüthi

His story begins at a far away land, an island where he was left abandoned into the scary silence under the dark skies on the wet cold ground.
He grows up to be the most fortunate with his affluence, talents, status, appearance and the precious place he earned in the hearts, but that appeared only on the outside.
No one knew what he was going through deep within.
Painful questions of the past, doubts in the present and worries of the future tore him apart behind his strong facade.
To add to his misery, He sees signs of a concealed threat warning for a danger that is about to end not just his existence but also of those who he dearly loves and promised to protect from any harm even if it will cost him his life.
Peace on his island is coming to an end, it is just a matter of time before evil wins and he has no other way or choice to save the island except her...
Tales said that she got the answers for what man seeks, she holds the secrets of everything but the problem is, she is a mystery herself.
Some believed that she is still present to the day and few suspected that she never existed in the first place, while others insisted that she did live, but centuries ago, and that is a time which is gone and done, but that is not the only thing they disagreed upon... no one is sure about her true identity.
Nevertheless, he decided to hang on to the glimpses of hope and accepted the challenge and the risk to discover her truth.
He wasn´t willing to let a chance go, especially if the matter concerns his island and his people.
He sails wishing to get the answers but he never knew that his decision will lead to nothing of what he expects or wishes for.
if he only knew what he is getting himself into.

The secret faces of her, beware, she is not what you think...