Let's Die Somewhere Pretty

New York Winter Poetry Trilogy

Ellias Aghili Dehnavi

Life is too short for not falling in love, for not travelling and for not finding people whose presence shines unto your life like a big round glamorous star.
The modern life and its complexities have put us all in strange dilemmas, the exposure to the concept of the images and virtual world is one of the aspects of this modern life with vast and unlimited effects; it might seem hard to adumbrate all the negative outcomes of such exposures but the lack of trust or the feeling of dissatisfaction can be named as two major side effects.
Numerous emotional relations and lack of goal can lead to the feeling of insecurity; this can lead someone to the edge of mental problems like trust issues or so, the feeling of dissatisfaction comes from the fake exposures which have been injected to our bodies and souls by different social medias and apps, the pictures play tricks on our minds and we find every single person on such platforms to be affluent both in their relations and lives, but the facts and truth are technically being concealed.
Living in metropolitan cities may also add to the aforementioned problems, the pace and lack of social cohesion could surely make the inhabitants live like wanderer comets. In this short poetry book, “Let’s Die Somewhere Pretty: New York Winter Poetry Trilogy“, I have done my best to create a cozy atmosphere and remind the readers of the beauty of a simpler life where people are truly supportive, kind and caring.
Enjoy the cold winter of New York while drinking a hot cappuccino and reading this rhythmic book!
All love and Peace