Adventures of Two Captains Volume III

Home, Sweet Home! ( A Political Manifesto)

Ellias Aghili Dehnavi , Paul John Amrod
Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror

This book culminates the entire interuniversal journey of the first book involving the arrival in Ysá Land where Yimina is the reigning spiritual leader. He continues to combine his efforts with Orion the Captain and Orator who have the essence of a new humanitarian philosophy furthering pluralistic thinking. Captian “A” our second Captain continues his work as a protégé with Orion. They are finishing their last leg of the journey back to Earth being received by the light artist James Turrell in Roden Crater in Arizona. James assists with optical illusion with his construction of holograms.
Daniel Smith is the double agent with the NASA who arranges with Hollywood a filming of the extraterrestrials as they undertake to halt the second insurrection of the USA government. He is the master of research into aliens in our Milky Way and has had direct contact through a Pleaidian woman named Semjase. She and the aliens have the ability of telepathy to break the barriers of language. Therewith the aliens confront the insurgents and send them into hypnosis and conjure to follow them to a symposium in the depths of space and to be guests of their cultures. Through thought transference they convince them to enter their spacecraft and visit them in outer space.
We wish you all a wonderful time enjoying reading the verses of Paul and Ellias and have hope the world will be sheltered with peace and love.