Adventures Of Two Captains Volume II

A Modern Epic Poem

Ellias Aghili Dehnavi , Professor Paul John Amrod

Let me start with this phrase: Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit, from nothing comes nothing! That is both logical and reflective in so many ways.
For our Two captains, it is more like a prophecy to spread the divine message of Yimina from the Ysa land to the whole universe. These two protectors of light had to do something in order to reveal the hidden truth and the sinister intentions of the darkness' servants; but this time on Earth and not across the galaxies; truly, from divine efforts come divine results which they call a new age of "Enlightenment ".
Adventures of two Captains volume II deals with the devilish entities which have been disturbed across the blue globe; they are in constant contact with their coward chieftain, the Prince of Darkness. It is their celestial duty to help their previous home by helping people see the truth; the green light, the most ancient magic which the universe has ever seen, is the key to truth.
This book, enriched with Latin and literary phrases, can be used as a rich source for English poetry and creative writing courses; wait for the coming series!
Amor et pax!