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Ellias Aghili Dehnavi

Born on the 28th of January, 1996, in a family that loves art, literature and history. Ellias soon found his taste in literature and especially poetry. He wrote his first limerick when he was 12 years old.

Later on, when he was 14, books like “the peace book“ by Todd Parr, “let there be peace on earth: and let it begin with me“ by Jill Jackson and Sy Miller, and “What does peace feel like?“ by Vladimir Radunsky helped him to get familiar with the essence of peace. Reading poems by Calude Mckay, Wendell Berry and Robert Frost at that age inspired him to start writing poems in a more serious way. Sonnets of Shakespeare were also good sources of inspiration for him. So when he was 16, Ellias wrote a book called “International Poems Collection”. The book got the first provincial place in the most famous competition of inventions in Iran, “Kharazmi”, and the fifth place in the country competition, yet to be the only project of its kind. This book received confirmations from the University of Isfahan and now is being preserved in the ministry of science and research and technology.

The next year, Ellias with the cooperation of two hardworking and creative friends (Hosein Heidari and Hooman Danesh), wrote another poetry book called „A Path to Salvation“. This book also won Kharazmi awards. His Excellency, Dr. Zarif, wrote a thanks letter for Ellias for the book since it includes some nice and extraordinary elements of literature, humanity, peace and international relations.

In 2015, he was the only Asian representative in the second anniversary of Mandela, in Johannesburg, and it was after this event that he published the book “Peace Poems” which was confirmed by the archive center of the aforementioned institute. Before his trip, during a personal meeting with the South Africa minister of art and culture, his projects were praised and he was given the Robben Island Treasure-icon in advance. Returned to Iran, he was invited to give a lecture on the Mandela and their project in the United Nation, Iranian Branch in Tehran with the presence of the Iranian minister of art and culture and other officials.

Later on, he and Paul Amrod collaborated on the longest modern epic in the history of English literature called „Adventures of two captains, volume one”. The book has been published by the most credible publishing house in Iran named Janagl Javidan. They are currently working on the second volume and even write an opera based on the series.


Insights into political decisions

or Americans and non-Americans alike, politics in America can quickly become a bit confusing. It is often hard to understand why politicians come to certain decisions, and sometimes you may even wonder whether they have lost their mind. The new series “The Styles in The American Politics” dedicates a few volumes trying to extract and deeply probe the young history of the United States of America in order to study and analyze the cases which lead to specific methods and styles in their domestic and foreign politics. By doing so, new patterns become obvious and you can therefore foresee the future events in the backyard of the American political scene. Understanding these patterns also helps readers with understanding the reasons behind various political acts and decision


"A Melody Called Peace" von Ellias  Aghili Dehnavi

A Melody Called Peace

Una Melodia Chiamata Pace

"Adventures Of Two Captains Volume II" von Ellias  Aghili Dehnavi

Adventures Of Two Captains Volume II

A Modern Epic Poem

"Adventures of Two Captains" von Ellias  Aghili Dehnavi

Adventures of Two Captains

An Epic Science Fiction Poem

"Balkans' Trinity" von Ellias  Aghili Dehnavi

Balkans' Trinity

The Role of the United States in the Relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Balkan Countries

"Do It As Wilson Says" von Ellias  Aghili Dehnavi

Do It As Wilson Says

The Wilsonian approach concerning US foreign policy.

"Foreign Policy of The 50 Stars" von Ellias  Aghili Dehnavi

Foreign Policy of The 50 Stars

Different Angles of The U.S Foreign Policy

"From Containment to Americanism" von Ellias  Aghili Dehnavi

From Containment to Americanism

"Hegemony and border tensions" von Ellias  Aghili Dehnavi

Hegemony and border tensions

The mystery of the Persian Gulf

"Let's Die Somewhere Pretty" von Ellias  Aghili Dehnavi

Let's Die Somewhere Pretty

New York Winter Poetry Trilogy

"Mothers Of the Rising Nations" von Ellias  Aghili Dehnavi

Mothers Of the Rising Nations

The Futurology of Feminism’s Role in Developing Countries

"Perspectives Of A Resistance" von Ellias  Aghili Dehnavi

Perspectives Of A Resistance

Battle of Stalingrad

"Realm Of Industry" von Ellias  Aghili Dehnavi

Realm Of Industry

Probing the Roots of Germany's Economy and Industry Development

"Sorry, how can I get to Washington?" von Ellias  Aghili Dehnavi

Sorry, how can I get to Washington?

"The Lost Black Fawn" von Ellias  Aghili Dehnavi

The Lost Black Fawn

U.S. Domestic Policy Regarding Native Americans

"The Styles in The American Politics Volume I" von Ellias  Aghili Dehnavi

The Styles in The American Politics Volume I

A Narration

"Waking Up From An American Dream" von Ellias  Aghili Dehnavi

Waking Up From An American Dream

"Who Handles It Better?" von Ellias  Aghili Dehnavi

Who Handles It Better?

A Comparative Study of Crisis Management between Authoritarian Socialist Countries and Liberal Democratic Countries