Born In a Living Hell

Darlene Clark
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'Born In A Living Hell' is about my tortuous childhood. This book is true, although it seems hard to believe. I changed the names in the book to protect some of my family and friends.
This is the first book in which I take the readers on a small journey with me. This book talks about some of the tortures Darlene has endured as a child to 18 years old. There is a lot of other things which happened which will be revealed soon. I am triumphant over the abuse, so now I share my story to help others.


Book Seeks to 'Shine a Light on Abuse'

„Darlene's advice, "You may be their only voice or chance of survival...speak up.'"“
Abuse is not often spoken about publicly by victims or by its witnesses, but author Darlene Clark is trying to change that. A victim of abuse from an early age, Clark has penned a memoir in the hope that her story will shine a light on abuse and help other victims and their families.

Born in the south, the ninth child in her large family, Clark was made to suffer a variety of physical and emotional abuses starting at a young age and lasting through her teens. "Born In a Living Hell" conveys the tumultuous and nightmarish childhood she experienced growing up in a large, dysfunctional family.

"The book is not to take revenge on the people who perpetrated the abuse but to make people understand what happens to the victims of abuse and how important it is to speak up if you suspect someone is being abused." Clark said, "I want people to learn from my story --- victims and non-victims alike."

The Giles County Public Library, 122 S. Second St., Pulaski, will host a book signing for the young author at 5:30 p.m. Monday \, June 12.

Darlene encourages individuals to speak out about those who are going through or those causing abuse," Library Program Director Melissa Stephens said. "Darlene's advice, "You may be their only voice or chance of survival...speak up."

Darlene hopes to reach others with her book, to enlighten them about the traumas that abuse can cause," Stephens added.

For more information, contact the library at 931-363-2720 or or contact Clark at or visit
Source: Staff Writer: Margaret Campbell