Midnite's Journey

One man's Improbable Voyage Through America's Reality

Dana Silkiss
Biographies & Memoirs

Based on a true story:
Travel with Midnite through his dark journey into America's hell. Will he ever emerge back into the light? Just as Midnite's musical career is about to go viral, he finds himself enduring the most terrifying tests of his young life. The reader is plunged into the American musical prodigy's nightmare, when he is illegally abducted by corrupt police and forced into slave labor while witnessing prostitution, torture and murder. Alone, he must rely on his intellect, creativity and dreams of his music. This spellbinding novel, featuring Midnite, a musical prodigy, is a based on a true fact story that encompasses corruption, forced and illegal labor as well as prostitution, romance and murder. The aftermath of Midnite's escape is as riveting as the lead story. One can see the beginnings of today's privatized correctional facilities as well as the present day madness of America's correctional policies.


A must read!

What an incredible story! The many different occurrences loaded with; passion, friendship, loyalty, love, core values, fear, injustice, mental and physical abuse - make you smile, cry, cause nausea and leave you speechless … from the first until the last page. All aspects of human relationships receive their attentiveness. It’s more than just a book with a thrilling journey – it is a comprehensible experience! The refreshing, honest, intriguing, enthralling and gripping way the author expresses this overwhelming voyage and the fact, that it is based on true events, makes it a remarkable publication – a must read!
A Fan

Could not put this book down! Absolutely incredible! Must be made into a television series! Do not leave out a single word!
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