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Dana Silkiss

Dana is an entrepreneur, professional musician, author, recording artist, martial artist and horse trainer. In addition to Midnite's Journey he has published poetry and written songs. Dana has spent his life traveling the world exploring many cultures and cuisines. His goal is always to educate people in order for them to see the world in a different light. A light of understanding and wisdom, not ignorance and mis-conceptions.


A must read!

What an incredible story! The many different occurrences loaded with; passion, friendship, loyalty, love, core values, fear, injustice, mental and physical abuse - make you smile, cry, cause nausea and leave you speechless … from the first until the last page. All aspects of human relationships receive their attentiveness. It’s more than just a book with a thrilling journey – it is a comprehensible experience! The refreshing, honest, intriguing, enthralling and gripping way the author expresses this overwhelming voyage and the fact, that it is based on true events, makes it a remarkable publication – a must read!
A Fan

Could not put this book down! Absolutely incredible! Must be made into a television series! Do not leave out a single word!
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