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D.K. Authords

D.K. Authords was born in a small town in Nevada, USA. He began writing at a very young age as a way to entertain himself. At age 16, he published his first novel "Being Alone" and was presenting his work to schools in southern Utah the next year. He published the first book in "The Room of Villains" Series in 2015. The sequel was published the next year, and the third in June 2017.
The sequel to "Being Alone" has a release date of 2018, as well as "The Room of Villains: The Son and the Sun". Authords currently has twelve more books started and outlined to present to the world. He was quoted in the "Standard-Examiner" of Ogden, Utah to say, "Never have small dreams. Dream big. And always believe in yourself."
Authords supports high values that are represented in his works. He is known to avoid using vulgar dialogue and explicit material, and quote verses from "The Holy Bible". He writes stories of hope and perseverance to inspire his readers. He claims at first his purpose was to entertain, but realized he could do more for his readers by promoting endurance through difficult times and challenges.


The Room of Villains: The Flame

Video trailer for book 3 of "The Room of Villains" Series, by D.K. Authords. Published with Tredition in July 2017.