Love or War

Part 2 of The Love Series

Chanel Monay
Erotic Fiction

Friends are close and dear, but sometimes it is the ones that are close to you that have the best opportunity to stab you in your back. The one that you least expect to turn on you in this cold, cold world will sometimes be the main one to cross you over and feed you to the wolves. Even when that happens, they tell you to hold your head high and be the bigger person. Let karma do her job. Well, sometimes karma is late for work and you have to do her job for her. The Love Series continues and switches over to the view of the bride who had the most beautiful wedding, but was left out of the honeymooning.
Love or War captures the life of Ashley after marrying the man of her dreams and losing him to her best friend all on the same day. It sends her into a depression and slumber, but she does not let that keep her down and she comes out swinging. As she fights to regain control of her life and her future, Ashley knows that the war will be a tough one, but she is determined to not only fight but to win. Will she let love prevail or will she be defeated in war? Will she forgive or will she move on all while being in the public eye and open for judgement.
Friendships are lost and some grow tighter. Love is found and love is lost. Hate, envy, and jealousy is real. Life will hit you with stones and some obstacles will seem too hard to conquer. You will have the good and you will have the bad. But most of all, remember there are no rules in love and war.