Love or Money

Chanel Monay

“Money is the motive" is all Dominique ever had on her mind. Love is for suckers, and a sucker she definitely was not. No man would catch her slipping. All men were the same in her book: Dogs that needed the right training and master. Dominique had what it took to train a man, but she didn't have the patience or want to put in the effort of a man. Companionship is all she looked for in a man. And her companionship cost. Big time.

Dominique understood the game and knew exactly how to play it. She stood five feet, nine inches tall. The perfect legs to set off her 36-28-42 frame body, D cup breast and 24" weave that always flowed down her back. She rocked nothing but the best in fashion and was always picture ready when she stepped out of the house. She drove a 2017 black on black Mercedes E320 fully loaded and stopped traffic whenever she went out. Dominique sought men that were attached (preferably married) and full of money. She knew that if she had a man that had a woman already at home, she could play with him as much as she pleased, but he would pay her to not interfere with his perfect world. And to her: that was a perfect world.

Dominique was definitely eye candy and every man drooled when they saw her. She was a beast in the game and she had no intentions of ever giving up. But every dog has its day. When Dominique plays with fire and takes the game to a whole different level does she get caught up in the game or is money that important or is love not only for suckers?