The Narcissus Fresco

. Chaddanta

In a time of injustice — when lies become laws, deceit an entitlement, humanity a farce, and democratic rule a tyranny against the nation — people begin to question the causes of the decline. The ancient fresco painting depicts the mythological fate of Narcissus and bears witness to a tragedy that occurred in a similar manner in olden times. The fine layers of watered-down pigments the fresco artist applied to the lime are well embedded into the stucco. The powerful elite consider themselves untouchable as they indulge their decadence and their deviant tendencies. But societal decline also acts as a catalyist for the uprising against despotism.


Ultimately Facing Reality

English reading of a text passage about the final awakening of a person in our time.

The Bevy

English text passage about the patterns of illegal mass immigration.