The Sick System

From A Disease-Oriented Economy to Caring For People . A plea for a new access to health care

Bernhard Stein
Natural Science & Technology

The health system is sick, but still has chances to heal. Its economic alignment has not only led the doctor's profession into a 'business model' on a 'medical market', but it risks leading to an illogical, inhumane and unfair care system - without reaching the initial economic goals.

Dr. Bernhard Stein, MD, anesthesiologist and health economics expert, shows the weaknesses of our current health care system and pleads for understanding the crisis as an opportunity for a fundamental reorientation: the transformation of the old-school hospital into a lean, modular and regionally networked unit. With the maxim – a maximum of outpatient care in this network, and synergy instead of competition. This bottom-up approach, changing the philosophy of care and made possible by new technologies, gives a new chance to disfavored and regionally isolated populations. They are the first victims of the current industrial model of "healthcare".