Necronomicon The Gate of The Gods

Baphomet Giger

In my earlier work, The Necronomicom Matrix, I did a lot of research on numerology of the gods of the Necronomicon.

The key is there, the matrix has been opened. but with more research I have discovered the key to unlocking ADAR “the gate of the gods.”

Hidden within the Necronomicon glyph is a twelve point system, a map if you will of the zodiac, the azonei called igigi.

I have unlocked the gate of ADAR and traveled to the heavens, in visions, astral, and dreams.

The gate is real enough and opens the sea of spheres, the land of the igigi. This book will guide you through walking the gate system.

This is a twelve year journey of traveling with a magickal star map. To the sea of spheres the land of the igigi.