About tredition

tredition is a publishing company based in Hamburg, Germany. We offer self-publishing services for authors, publishers and other companies. We distribute books worldwide in all printed and digital formats through all sales channels (wholesale, online and local retail), professionally marketing our books to readers. We specialize in optimizing all publishing processes in order to maximize income for our authors.

tredition is a family-owned company. We, Sandra Latusseck and Soenke Schulz, founded tredition in 2006. Up until then our careers had had no connection to the book market. The initial spark for tredition came from a newspaper article. This article explained that of all the manuscripts submitted to publishing houses, only 0.5% result in a book contract. At the same time a so called “worst seller list” was published. It listed the books from traditional publishing houses that sold the least in 2006. Those top 10 worst sellers from well-known publishing houses sold from 6 to 76 units that year. Putting both figures together, we realized that the editors of traditional publishing houses sometimes make bad decisions about what to publish and what not to.

The idea for tredition was born: every book has a market, be it 6 or 600,000 copies. At tredition, we created a completely new publishing method that combines elements of self-publishing and traditional publishing houses. As we had no background or experience in either, the combination of both was fresh and open-minded. We have improved and refined our service for authors and our business solutions partners continuously in the past ten years. In 2016, tredition was voted the #1 best self-publishing service company by more than a thousand authors. That is the best motivation for the next ten years.

Among the leading self-publishing service providers, tredition is the only independent company not belonging to any major media group. tredition asserts itself with its desire and capacity for innovation.

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tredition in Numbers

20,000+ authors

Since 2006, we’ve assisted authors with publishing their printed books and eBooks. We work hard to maintain trusting relationships with our authors and distinguished companies who praise our broad range of services.

40,000+ books

tredition is one of the leading self-publishing service-providers, having published more than 40.000 books. All titles are available worldwide in more than 60 countries through all book trading channels.

Your Contacts at tredition

Sandra Latusseck & Soenke Schulz

Founders and managing directors

“We are an independent family-owned business. This company culture is what makes us successful. Our highest goal is customer satisfaction, which currently runs at 99.4%. Only 0.4% of our book contracts are cancelled after one year. This includes those that sign with a major publishing house. All others remain with us. We prioritize personal service because we like doing what we do and want to continue for many years to come. And that we can only do with the best customer service in the industry. Contact us and see for yourself.”

Sylvia Anderson

Customer Support US/UK

Customers‘ questions and concerns regarding all aspects of publishing and distribution are addressed by Sylvia Anderson, who also helps maintain the English language version of tredition’s website.

Theresa Reichelt

Customer Support US/UK & Germany

Theresa Reichelt competently answers the questions of authors, readers and distributors. She also manages orders and coordinates e-book production.

Mirko Esquivel

Customer Support US/UK & Germany

Mirko Esquivel is also happy to assist you with your book projects. Well-versed in the use of Word and Photoshop, he provides both advice and practical support.

Nadine Otto

Manager Book Marketing

Professional marketing for every book is managed by Nadine Otto, who designs and implements individual marketing measures.

Jeanette Braun

Book Marketing / Customer Support Germany 

All activities regarding tredition’s press and public relations are coordinated by Jeanette Braun, our contact for public and trade media.

Anna Fleck

Projects / Customer Support Germany 

To help us further improve our services, Anna Fleck supervises tredition’s special projects.  She’s also happy to answer questions regarding our business operations.

Highest Customer Satisfaction

We have made it our goal to offer the best and fairest publishing opportunities to all authors. Our satisfied authors and corporate partners prove that we have achieved that objective: Cancellation rate is 0,4%, resulting in a  satisfaction rate of close to 100%. This is our biggest reward and drives us to improve even more. To this end, we constantly develop innovative offers and services for our authors and partners, continuously honing our technology as well as our internal and external workflow.  We aim to reach the best price-performance ratio for everyone involved, maximizing the income of our authors and partners.