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The Modern Concept
of Publishing

All the Freedom of Self-Publishing
combined with Active Marketing
as well as the Service and Product
Quality of a Publishing House.

Our modern publishing concept combines the best aspects of self-publishing and publishing houses.

Freedom of Self-Publishing

  • Creative freedom
  • Determining your own royalties
  • Non-exclusive contracts
  • Immediate publication


  • Press relations for every book
  • Social media marketing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Free review copies

Service and Product Quality

  • Personal and individual support
  • Thorough checks for amendments
  • Professional cover designer
  • Automatic online typesetting

What Authors say about our services

How does it work?

We are happy to provide comprehensive assistance in publishing your book. tredition lets you enjoy all the advantages of self-publishing, while at the same time providing you with the services and product quality rendered by a publishing house. This means

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that you, the author, can make decisions about the design and content of your book, determine your royalty and grant us non-exclusive rights which can be terminated at any time. We combine this with our unique book marketing and the quality of a publishing house. To us, quality means providing excellent support from initial contact all the way to publication. In addition to a thorough check for possible flaws, we provide a professional cover design tool and automated online typesetting. Additionally, we assure high-quality production of both printed copies and technically sound e-book files of your work. All publications are available at brick and mortar bookstores and online shops – locally and worldwide. We provide you with all necessary services to pave the way to your book’s success. Since 2006, we’ve published over 40,000 titles as paperback, hardcover and e-book using this true and tried method.

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How to publish a book with tredition

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Our Leaflet for Authors

In our author’s leaflet, we have compiled vital information about publishing your book. Here you can find all the advantages of self-publishing, combined with the classic services rendered by a publishing house. Let our comprehensive services persuade you.

Author's Leaflet

Author’s Leaflet

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Book of the Month

“The Entrusted”


The Entrusted

The Entrusted – Exciting Dystopia

Chaddanta takes readers of “The Entrusted” on a journey they won’t forget very soon.

Politicians promise to act in people’s best interest – but their actions go a few steps too far in this new dystopian novel. The politicians’ deceptive and irresponsible actions trigger a mass migration. They go away to look for a new home and a better life – a safer life. Many of these people have lost everything they own during civil wars. Others are driven by religious fanaticism or are simply daring adventurers. They are taken in by a culturally ossified nation with no desire for self-assertion, dominated by corrupt elites and a manipulative media.

After all, many of the events within the story aren’t that far from what could really happen thanks to politicians who only care about power. Hence, the novel does not only act as great entertainment but also as a warning about the direction humanity is taking.




About tredition

  • Every book has its market

    Under this premise, tredition has acted as a service provider for authors and corporations since 2006. We aim to offer the best and fairest publishing opportunities by constantly improving our services for authors, developing cutting-edge publishing tools, actively marketing all books and securing a strong retail distribution network.

  • Highest customer satisfaction

    To date, more than 5,000 authors and many notable corporations have placed their trust in tredition. With more than 40,000 books published, tredition is one of the leading self-publishing service providers, with a 99.6% customer satisfaction rate.

  • Independence

    Among the leading self-publishing service providers, tredition is an independent company which does not belong to a large media group. We convince authors with the satisfaction of our customers and power of innovation rather than a large advertising budget.

  • Power of innovation

    tredition was the first self-publishing service provider to offer publication of e-books and already started out distributing to more than 100 shops. Since being founded in 2006, we have introduced numerous innovations that have since become common practice on the self-publishing market. tredition has been recognized with several business and innovation awards. A unique service is our white-label self-publishing solution that enables customers to offer self-publishing services with their own brand name and business model. Read more.